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About our School

The school was housed in its present building in 1961. For almost the previous 100 years it had been housed on two other sites within the village. It has a long history of serving the people of Mintlaw and the surrounding area. The present building was designed to serve both as a village primary school and as a junior secondary school for the surrounding villages. Only when Mintlaw Academy started did it revert to being purely a primary school. As a secondary school it had large practical areas and a well designed hall/gymnasium and dining room area. This space, so lacking in many primary school designs, makes it an ideal building in which to deliver a modern primary curriculum.
In 1998 our nursery came on stream. The nursery is designed to accommodate 25 children at a maximum in each session with a nursery teacher and 2 nursery nurses as core staff.  These pupils come from the Mintlaw CSN
In 1999 our Additional Needs Provision opened. This enhanced provision accommodates a maximum of 15 pupils from the Mintlaw CSN who need particular support to access the primary curriculum. There are a core staff of 1.8 teachers and 2 Pupils Support Assistants and the provision is known as the ‘Rocket Room’ at Mintlaw Primary.

“If the school sends out children with a desire for knowledge and some idea of how to acquire and use it, it will have done its work.”
Richard Livingstone